What Makes Digital Ticks Exchange The Fastest Platform To Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency

Posted on : August 08, 2018

We are living in a time when cryptocurrency is becoming immensely popular. Many people are attracted towards cryptocurrency trading and so there are a plethora of cryptocurrency exchanges to help you with trading it. But every cryptocurrency exchange software you find on the market is not 100% perfect and lacks certain functionalities in one way or the other. In this article, we will discuss Digital Ticks Exchange and why it is one of the best upcoming platform for cryptocurrency exchange, especially for those who are very new to cryptocurrencies. Digital Ticks is the leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in the market. It offers the quickest way to trade cryptocurrency.

Digital Ticks Features

Digital Ticks serves all types of crypto assets as well as commodities for crypto assets. It is a platform that can be used by both beginners and expert users. The Digital Ticks exchange team ensures all traders have a smooth and user-friendly experience. Some of its key features are exchanging services, application services, transaction fee services and reliable security. We shall go through each one of the features briefly so you can get a sound idea about Digital Ticks.

Exchange Services

In this feature, traders have the option to place multiple orders simultaneously in different symbols at the same time through a special window provided by Digital Ticks. Also, traders can utilize a feature called “Single Portfolio View” where they can see multiple instruments on a single screen.

One cancels the other or OCO is another feature exclusively launchedon Digital Ticks Exchange. Digital Ticks team understands that the volatility of cryptocurrency can occur at any time in 24 hours. So, Digital Ticks provides the option of canceling orders in which traders can place off-square orders and stops loss orders simultaneously on the exchange. This is a very helpful feature.

What Makes Digital Ticks Exchange The Fastest Platform To Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency

Cross-Platform Trading

Digital Ticks provides the users cross-platform trading options. It supports Web to the desktop, Android and iOS and vice versa. It gives the user the ease to communicate without depending on the platform compatibility.

Transaction Fee Services

Digital Ticks provides discounts in trading fees for high-volume traders. The requirement is that traders will need to hold 2000 DTX tokens in their wallet on Digital Ticks for a minimum of 1 month key period. Also, it has a minimal trading fee so users don’t need to worry about heavy transaction fees.

DTX token is the utility token for the exchange which can be used to avail 50% discount on exchange commissions, avail volume-based discount, pay for withdrawal fees and pay for further analytical functionalities. This token is powered by Ethereum Blockchain. It can be purchased by Bitcoin, Ethereum and Wire Transfer.

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Security Features

Security of a cryptocurrency exchange platform plays a vital role in determining the reliability of cryptocurrency exchange platform. Digital Ticks takes extra measures to ensure that the platform is free from all kinds of DDOS attacks, phishing attempts and also performs vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. These rigorous testing techniques are useful for finding any problems in the operations so that it can be easily mitigated.

Digital Ticks offers an instant withdrawal feature so that the possibility of an intruder to steal an entire backup in a security breach is minimized. Meaning, if Digital Ticks suffers an intrusion sometime in the future, then your currencies are not at risk.

You can instantly withdraw your currency and prevent any loss. It clearly makes Digital Ticks the fastest and the most trusted crypto exchange. Also, Digital Ticks follows best practices by keeping most of the back up in a "Cold Storage" i.e. not on web servers or computers where they are vulnerable to greater security risks.


There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms available in the market but there is none like Digital Ticks. Some features that are offered by other exchanges come with hefty charges. Not only does Digital Ticks offer better security features, but also offers commission free transaction till 31st December 2018.

Now you have a clear understanding of Digital Ticks Exchange and why it is the best crypto exchange to buy and sell in terms of its user interface, cross-platform capabilities, reliability and smart security. Digital Ticks is a one-stop shop for the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency.