Top 5 Reasons To Select Digital Ticks As Your Exchange Partner

Posted on : July 22, 2018

Digital Ticks is the first ever commodity crypto exchange to have ever existed. This already makes it one of a kind type of exchange. To top this off, the exchange has been built by the traders for the traders. So as a trader, you can be assured that all the problems and shortcomings of a regular exchange are non-existent with Digital Ticks crypto exchange platform.

In this article, we will discuss the five different features that set it apart from the rest of the crypto exchanges. Thereby making it the best digital currency exchange provider.

  1. Semi algorithmic and high-frequency trading

    Semi algorithmic and high-frequency trading: An algorithm trade is when a trade is carried out by automated machines based on pre-set price and quantity that user sets for himself during the continuous trade. Since Digital Ticks is the latest cryptocurrency exchange platform, it provides its users with the additional functionality of specifying the symbols they want to use this feature. This semi-algorithmic trading is extremely useful during high volume trades because you can set the quantity based on the market volatility.

  2. Security

    When you begin to invest in cryptocurrencies, your top priority would be the security offered by a platform to keep your funds safe. Digital Ticks Exchange hits all the right boxes in this front. The exchange offers state of the art security to all your funds. Each and every user is provided with a free cold storage facility. Users can buy the coins on the exchange and transfer it to the cold storage. Therefore, even in case of a hack, your funds would be in safe place. Additionally, they even offer a 2-factor authentication and DDoS protection to evade any chance of cyber-attack. The DDoS protection and the 2-factor authentication services are provided to all the registered users to have an additional layer of security to their accounts.

  3. No Exchange Trading Commission

    This is definitely an eye-popping feature in the crypto exchange market. All the other exchanges out there charge a high fee for each trade that has been carried out on the exchange. However, if you buy and sell cryptocurrencies at Digital Ticks, there will be zero trading fee for the first few months. This news is a boon to all the high-frequency traders who end up paying a high trading fee on the existing exchanges. Additionally, there are incentives for the high-volume trades done by the user in the coming months. This incentive is not only beneficial for the user but also encourages a high volume of trade on the exchange. It is also the only commodity crypto exchange out there. Therefore, it is the only exchange giving you more options other than just cryptocurrencies.

  4. Ease of use

    The sneak peek release of the Digital Ticks exchange UI shows a highly user-friendly and easy to use exchange platform. The whole process of buying cryptocurrencies on other exchanges requires you to have a little knowledge of trading. However, Digital Ticks would offer regular webinar for the novice traders. Thus, making it the best way to purchase virtual currency. The exchange also provides a single portfolio view where you can keep track of your entire portfolio. They also provide multi-device support. Therefore, making it the best way to sell cryptocurrencies as well.

  5. Hot Key support

    This is a feature requested by countless traders. However, it wasn't available on any exchanges. This is all going to change as Digital Ticks Exchange is going to support the hotkey feature. Using this feature, traders can customize different keys for trading quickly. Users will be given the option to customize each key to perform specific functions of their choice. Thus, making the whole experience of trading simpler and more enjoyable.


Digital ticks is a one of a kind crypto exchange that has set a whole new standard to crypto exchanges. The team behind the project are traders themselves who know the problems faced by the traders. The team is dedicated towards the development of the Digital Ticks Exchange and provide one of the best, robust, trusted commodity crypto exchange to the world. This is evident from the early release of their trading app. They also have planned a lot of new unique features to be released in the near future. With the pace at which they are currently working, they will undoubtedly deliver the entire project well before the deadline that they have set.