The Well-Built Security Features Of Digital Ticks Platform

Posted on : July 16, 2018

Digital Ticks is the first ever commodity-crypto exchange, designed with the unique theme of ‘by traders, for traders’. Owing to this distinctive approach, Digital Tick Exchange (DTX) combines sleek exchange features such as multiple device compatibility, hotkeys, and trade with multiple cryptos with a user friendly interface. Digital Ticks Exchange is different because it is not just another crypto to the crypto exchange. It goes a step further to become a semi-algorithm platform provider.

Since it is built by traders themselves, the Digital Ticks Exchange team recognizes many of the issues that plague cryptocurrency exchange platforms. One of the biggest concerns for users is security. Secure cryptocurrency exchange is vital in an industry that deals with billions of assets on a daily basis. In the wake of cybercrimes, data theft and data loss, users often find themselves unable to trust cryptocurrency exchanges and their security measures.

The Well-Built Security Features Of Digital Ticks Platform

Secure cryptocurrency exchange platforms are difficult to find as hacking methods become more sophisticated. Digital Ticks Exchange hopes to mitigate those fears with their robust and advanced security features that aim to keep the platform impenetrable and trustworthy.

The first essential step in becoming the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platform is to understand the nature of cyber-attacks and internal frauds. The Digital Ticks Exchange team intends to perform regular vulnerability scans and assessments, penetration tests and security scans.

Moreover, funds that are not required for immediate withdrawal are secured in a safe offline air gapped cold storage. The funds that are migrated to the cold storage are not kept on the web server or on any other computer. In this way, a majority of the reserve is not susceptible to attack from hackers.

Digital Ticks Exchange has also implemented a multi signature wallet system, commonly known as multisig. Multi signature is a digital signature scheme, implemented through the block chain system that enables a group of users to sign a single document. In this way, transactions have to be authorized via signature by a predefined number of people from the group before the action highlighted by the transaction is completed.

For example: funds can be withdrawn only if at least 2 out of 3 authorized signatures match on the block chain. These two methods have gone a long way in making DTX the most reliable cryptocurrency platform among users.

Another layer of protection comes in the form of the two factor Google Authentication (2FA). Two factor authentication is required both, at the time of log in, as well as at the time of withdrawal of crypto assets. Email confirmation is also required at the time of withdrawal of these assets in an effort to protect the security of the user.

This multilayered approach to verifying identity is a step towards becoming a most secure cryptocurrency exchange platform. A major threat to cryptocurrency platforms are DDoS attacks, short for Distributed Denial of Services.

In these attacks, the perpetrator tries to disrupt the regular traffic of a targeted server, service or network by overpowering the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a sudden flood of Internet traffic. In this way, network resources get exhausted and genuine users are unable to use them. The Digital Ticks Exchange team offers full DDoS protection to its users.

Security is a vital aspect to any form of online trading. With its state of the art security features, the DTX combines regular security updates and IT security and financial audits. These measures have ensured that Digital Ticks Exchange ranks high among the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platforms of 2018. The Digital Ticks Exchange team is fully committed to our endeavor of not just being the best cryptocurrency exchange platform, but also the best trading platform for safe cryptocurrency exchange.