The Launch Of Digital Ticks Exchange

Posted on : July 28, 2018

Let’s face it, cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. Ever since its conception, cryptocurrency has been highly publicized and this has led to the creation of various cryptocurrency variants and as well as different ways in which the general market handles the transaction. However, there have been only two ways that cryptocurrency has been traded: Crypto-to-crypto or Crypto- to-fiat, until now.

Recently, trading in the form of commodity-to crypto has been implemented by Digital Ticks Exchange (DTX), which was founded in December 2017. This offers a customizable trading platform for cryptocurrency users, being the first cryptocurrency exchange to do so.

One thing that stands out in Digital Ticks Exchange as compared to other platforms is its versatility. It has the ability to cater to a variety of traders ranging from novice to professional traders, and even high frequency traders.

Digital Ticks Exchange has emphasized on security and has put up several robust technologies that would be able to handle the highly volatile platform, managing up to 1,000,000 orders per second. Being a professional cryptocurrency trading platform, Digital Ticks Exchange has the aim and the methods to handle crypto markets and commodity markets simultaneously.

It aims to provide more than 2000 cryptocurrency trading pairs in their exchange which leads to an approximate value of more than 200,000 BTC worth of daily volume with a variety of trading options, ranging from gold to other tradable commodities.


Some of the highlights that Digital Ticks Exchange boasts of are a single portfolio view for users to manage their cryptocurrency, multiple cryptocurrency trading for more options, a semi-algorithmic trading specialized for high frequency traders and so much more.

The biggest advantage of commodity-to crypto trading is its ability to be a versatile platform for trading. This leads to Digital Ticks Exchange being one of the most advanced commodity crypto exchange platforms.

When Digital Ticks Exchange released its ICO presale on March 25, 2018, it immediately attracted a multitude of investors. So much so that the presale was over in 40 minutes since it opened. The funds generated were used to establish their platform. Ultimately, Digital Ticks Exchange has its sights on becoming the biggest cryptocurrency exchange across the globe.

Spurred on by their success in the presales, Digital Ticks Exchange has launched apps on the Apple Play Store and Android Google play. This move is sure to give it the mobile platform that is necessary to boost its reach on a global platform.

Digital Ticks Exchange released their DTX Public Token sale on 15th April, 2018. With the overwhelming response by investors, it has managed to sell 64 million DTX Tokens all the way till 15th June, 2018, to raise USD 30 million in funds. This positive feedback is what makes Digital Ticks Exchange one of the best exchange for trading cryptocurrency in 2018.

With over 50 thousand community users talking about the cryptocurrency platform, it is no wonder that Digital Ticks Exchange will become one of the top 10 worldwide cryptocurrency exchange platforms by 2019. With so many constructive reviews, Digital Ticks Exchange is sure to become the leading commodity crypto exchange. This new platform for trading will pave the way for a more diverse environment for commercial applications which will escalate the future of cryptocurrency trading to new heights.