The Core Features Of Digital Ticks Exchange Mobile App

Posted on : July 12, 2018

Blockchain is the hottest new tech phenomenon in town, and why won’t it be? It’s Secure, reliable and most importantly, a decentralised implementation of data exchange and storage. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset which is based on this blockchain technology. And like any commodity, it can be exchanged and be marketed. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin(BTC) and Ethereum(ETH) and many others have amassed a market valuation of almost $1 Trillion. An asset as valuable as this, requires the best exchange services. Trading, be it stock trading or crypto-trading, requires exchanges which prove to be a smooth and secure medium of trading these assets. Digital Ticks Exchange aims to be the premier Commodity-crypto exchange, with its intuitive mobile cryptocurrency trading app.

Digital Ticks: Designed by Traders for Traders

Digital Ticks Exchange is a commodity-crypto exchange coming up with just a single click in the form of a smartphone app for trading cryptocurrencies. The underlying mission of Digital Ticks Exchange is to become the best commodity crypto exchange. The Digital Ticks team aims to achieve this status with their expertise in the field of trading and cryptocurrencies.

Our team has the most significant quality to build a user-centric and deeply satisfying user experience, that is empathy. Digital Ticks Exchange team has planned and built this platform to be best suited to the optimal trading experience that crypto traders seek in exchanges.

The Core Features Of Digital Ticks Exchange Mobile App

The Featureful Digital Ticks Exchange

Digital Ticks Exchange is power packed with lots of features which range from advanced features aimed to be used by professional and high frequency traders to basic intuitive features aimed for the novice traders who have little experience with crypto trading. With available cryptocurrency apps for Android Digital Ticks Exchange is the only app which provides such a wide array of features coupled with an uncomplicated interface. Digital Ticks Exchange has also launched cryptocurrency apps for IOS users. The app caters to all types of crypto assets, as well as commodity to crypto assets. Let’s discuss some of these features in length.

  1. Multi-platform accessibility

    Trading needs to be done seamlessly whether from the office or from the home or on the go. To give this ease of trading Digital Ticks Exchange App for Android give the users to trade on the go on their smartphones. Digital Ticks exchange app for IOS is also available for the users to trade on the exchange live. This provides the Digital Ticks Exchange trading experience user friendly to all sorts of traders on all the possible user platforms.

  2. Semi Algorithmic Trading and HFT

    Algorithmic trading is when a trading platform carries out automated trading based on a set of parameters like price, time etc. Semi-algorithmic trading would provide High Frequency Traders and added functionalities to predefined their trading quantity and price which would help them on their smartphone app for trading cryptocurrencies. This feature is specifically designed by the team keeping in mind the heavy volatility in crypto currency market.

  3. Trading Multiple Cryptocurrency

    Trading with just a single cryptocurrency is a very unfavourable practice, especially with the multiple array of high value cryptos that are currently traded extensively. Digital Ticks Exchange provides a multi cryptocurrency wallet and exchange. The team believes in providing ease to traders by introducing a feature of Multiple trading cryptocurrency where every trader will have the ease to trade different swaps and combinations of crypto currency available on Digital Ticks Exchange platform. The Digital Ticks Exchange would support Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin(LTC), Dash Coin (DASH), DTX.

  4. Light and intuitive UI

    With heavy tasks of continuous computing the pricing of the coins and tokens the exchange user interface gets heavier but Digital Ticks team has given extra effort on making the application light, fast and visually appealing. No unnecessary information is ever displayed on the screens, and the usability is optimum. New users can get up to the functions very quickly with the easy to understand features in the app. It’s a treat to the eyes and the trading mind.

  5. High security attributes

    Security is the basis on which Blockchain thrives amongst the various fields of application. Cryptocurrencies and any related trading platforms call for exceptional levels of security and reliability. Digital Ticks Exchange has integrated multiple features which ensure top-notch security to the user data and all other information that is involved in the platform. Digital Ticks Exchange would recommend its users to keep their cryptocurrency in cold storage provided to all the users free of cost. Cold storage keeps the cryptocurrency safe from online vulnerability. They implement Multi-signature wallets, Two-factor Google Authentication and protection from DDoS attacks.

  6. Ease of Trading

    Trading is the core feature of Digital Ticks Exchange, and it has various features to make trading easy for its users. Users can place multiple orders at once with Multiple instruments through single screen. A portfolio can be created in a few simple steps, and viewing them later on is even easier with all the portfolios displayed under a single window. Digital Ticks Exchange has the feature of One Cancels the Other(OCO) order. This facilitates in automatic cancelling of the other order if a parameter set by the user is met. Moreover, to make the trading experience even simpler, users can use Hot Keys for easier accessibility. Digital Ticks team has also catered to users by launching their much-awaited cryptocurrency app for IPhone and IPad users.

Digital Ticks Exchange has built a robust mobile application and exchange platform for all the class of traders starting from novice to experienced with lots of customisable screen and a unique trading experience. In the current scenario, the team is confident to provide ease of doing trading in cryptocurrency markets with advanced security features and best in the class technology.