How Digital Ticks Can Make the Virtual Currency Exchange Easy

Posted on : July 18, 2018

Groundbreaking since its inception, Digital Ticks has been the first ever commodity crypto exchange. As its motto ‘by traders, for traders’ suggests, Digital Ticks Exchange is user friendly and has an ultra-low latency. Cryptocurrency trading and exchange made easy is the simple yet powerful aim of the Digital Ticks Exchange team.

Digital Ticks Exchange provides the easiest way to virtual currency exchange through a combination of advanced features, robust security measures and most importantly a user oriented interface. Even novice traders will find it the easiest way to trade cryptocurrency trading today . Some of its features include multiple device compatibility and trade using multiple cryptos which gives users ultimate flexibility. Combined with technology that enables hotkeys and OCO Order, Digital Ticks Exchange provides a super easy way to start commodity trading today.

Digital Ticks Exchange made a unique decision to launch the first look of its mobile app interface along with a public token sale. This is in contrast to other companies that rely on whitepapers and websites alone at the time of their public sale. This has built trust and confidence among the early investor. The Digital Ticks team is confident to deliver a robust power-packed product to the users which would make virtual currency exchange easy and fast. One of the biggest challenges faced by crypto currency exchanges is the lack of liquidity that results in an increase in impact cost. Digital Ticks Exchange would be having external liquidity provider as well as market maker who provide constant depth and liquidity in all the cryptocurrency pairs listed in the exchange. Digital Ticks also offers an impeccable customer service system that would answer all the trading related queries efficiently and within a stipulated time.

How Digital Ticks Can Make the Virtual Currency Exchange Easy

Security is an integral aspect when it comes to choosing a virtual currency exchange platform. Due to an increasing number of cybercrimes, hacker attempts, data breaches and violations of privacy laws, users find themselves unable to trust virtual platforms over more traditional financial institutions. The Digital Ticks team recognizes that regular security updates, IT security and financial audits are important to win users’ trust.

All funds that are not used for immediate withdrawal are stored in a secure cold storage where they are not susceptible to attack by hackers. Apart from this, Digital Ticks Exchange platform is secured against DDoS attacks and phishing attempts. With state of the art security features, users can be assured that cryptocurrency trading and exchanges made easy.

Many crypto to crypto exchanges are plagued by latency problems. These occur when there is a spike of activity caused by new registrations, higher volume, unstable connection quality and a variety of other reasons. The Digital Ticks Exchange team understands the impact of price volatility and slight delays in the crypto world. Committed to their aim the team works dedicatedly towards the goal of cryptocurrency exchanges made easy, provide the robust technology to prevent latency problems, coupled with regular updates. The team has also set up technology to mitigate downtime related issues faced by many traditional exchanges.

Digital Ticks Exchange will also not levy any transaction charges for the first few months of its inception, thus giving traders the opportunity to trade on zero transaction charges. Furthermore, Digital Ticks Exchange will also give volume-based incentive for high frequency trader (HFT) which will give them scope for retaining higher profitability in their trade.

The Digital Ticks Exchange team believes in combining sleek technology with a simple, user oriented interface to bring together a sophisticated and simple product. As always, the motive for the team is to bring to users the easiest way to virtual currency exchange. Thus it’s the perfect platform for both novices, who require some of the more basic features as well as experienced traders, who can fully utilize the platform’s advanced and enhanced features.