Digital Ticks Is Launching The First Ever Highly Secured Crypto Exchange Platform

Posted on : July 30, 2018

The number of crypto exchanges in the world has increased rapidly in recent times. However, Digital Ticks should not be compared to any of the existing exchanges because it takes crypto trading a step further by being the first ever commodity-crypto exchange. Digital Ticks is different from the other exchanges as it is an exchange built by the traders, for the traders.

This means that it was built keeping the plight of the traders in mind. Everything a trader would need in a crypto exchange is included on the Digital Ticks platform. The unique commodity-crypto trading feature coupled with the advanced security features makes it the worlds most advanced trading platform.

Digital Ticks - Advanced security features:

Security is the most vital part of a crypto exchange. This is because an exchange has to deal with billions of dollars’ worth of trades on a daily basis. This is one of the few areas that most of the other exchanges fail to deliver. What makes Digital Ticks the most secure exchange for trading cryptocurrency is the multi-layer security that it incorporates.

The simplest way to avoid cyber-attacks is to think like a hacker. The Digital Ticks crypto trading exchange is made secure by conducting rigorous penetration testing and closed environment hacking tests on a monthly basis. This helps to keep the newer attack techniques at bay.


Cold storages are a great way to keep your funds secure at all times. Most exchanges do not use a cold storage feature. What makes Digital Ticks a highly secure cryptocurrency exchange is the fact that it uses an airtight cold storage to store all the crypto funds that are not required for immediate access. By doing this, even if they are attacked, the damage is minimal.

Digital Ticks also makes use of the multi-sig wallet system. This implies that in order to transfer funds out of a particular wallet, the private keys held by multiple people are required. Thus, even if one of the private keys is leaked, the funds cannot be used without having access to the other private keys. This makes Digital Ticks the safest cryptocurrency exchange in 2018.

The most common online attack is the DDoS attack. The ease with which a hacker can execute this attack makes it his go-to choice to bring down a website. These attacks are extremely dangerous for the usual functioning of an exchange. Hence, Digital Ticks offers complete DDoS protection for its exchange.

These security features by themselves make Digital Ticks the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange of 2018. To put the icing on the cake, Digital Ticks has also integrated Google’s 2FA authentication. This gives its customers twice the security during the login itself. Even if an attacker gets hold of your password, he cannot use your account until he gains access to your google authenticator.


We all know that most of the cryptocurrency exchanges are very secure. However, Digital Ticks takes the meaning of security to a whole new level. The fact that it is designed keeping the traders in mind means that you will get all the features that you’ve ever wanted in an exchange, in one place. With the multi-layer security integration, Digital Ticks is definitely setting a new benchmark for cryptocurrency exchange.